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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"time's rolling smithy smoke"

We made the signs for the Separatist Road celebration. This was a task that, I think, I, Sarah, Patrick, and Josh undertook years ago - maybe 15 years ago. As I was explaining the project to Jillian and Faith - who the key players were (Mena and Robert were to have staring roles in the signs; and Nora for nostalgia's sake), the kind of humor ("only a jerk would park on the corner!") that we were aiming at - I felt this rush of gratitude for the extended family my parents shaped for us.

There are so many other things running through my head, but I think I'll just leave them, for now. How lovely - for sign-making to be significant!

[Also, a very happy birthday to my brilliant and beautiful friend, Sarah!]

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